GatorAider Opportunities

We, at the Upstate Gator Club, refuse to call ourselves volunteers, as that's a lowly title for our neighbors up in Knoxville. Instead, we use the term "GatorAiders" and a couple times a year, we go out and aid local groups with their events. From beer festivals to park restoration projects, we've helped local groups like Friends of the Greenville Zoo, and Greenville Parks & Rec.

GatorSitter Opportunities

To bolster our family-friendly viewing party atmosphere, we will occasionally furnish a GatorSitter to keep an eye on and entertain kids 12 and under. The GatorSitter will coordinate activities like coloring and card games so that you can relax a bit and enjoy the game.

If you are interested in aiding as a GatorSitter, or if you have kids in need of community service hours for high-school requirements, please contact us about becoming a GatorSitter.